Thursday, October 12, 2017

You Are Not A Tree

Dont make time for people who have no time with you, everyone have right to get the happiness, smiling, and if someone care about you, they will show on actions, no excuse, not only word. Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities, can change.

Seek your happiness itself, and dont care to people who always story bad about you. Remember, If you have difficult time in your life, no one can help you, they only hear and proud that you have find them.What is past is past,  let goes and slowly fade away, time will tell and explain the truth. People always evaluate what they look, what they heard from others about you, then put the blame on you.

Rahsia Burger

They dont know how strong and hard you struggle in your life. But it is make you will be learn from experience before. People around you, always take for granted and make use of you, then you will be worthless. 

People will love you for purposely and need something, if they dont get what they want, they will change immediately, you will see they true color....and when you are not longer beneficial to their life.

Move.....Move.....If you dont like where you are not a tree. Thats all.

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