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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Transfer You Data

You ever had problem transfer data your Smartphone into usb sandisk dual storage ? Normally every smartphone have their function to setting, thats why you cannot directly plug and make instant transfer. Actually, you need to go to setting and enable some function.

Nowadays, we have many brand where they invent smart devices such as oppo, vivo, samsung, apply and others which is more cheaper with higher storage capacity, sometime, usage storage full when too many friend share video, picture and audio in apps such as whats app, wechat, facebook or others. for the media social, maybe you can setting to set off auto download when using data or wifi. hehe

For the vivo 5 plus or others vivo smartphone maybe, you can use this proper way to transfer you data into USB Sandisk dual, you can go to ;

1) Setting -- > More Setting --> OTG (Enable your OTG)
i dont know why their naming OTG , maybe On Transfer Gate ? haha

Transfer your data

Function of OTG is to support USB and supply others device with power.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fixing Error Joomla 3 Still Loading Installing

Hi, i want to share this tutorial how to Fixing Error Joomla 3 is still loading installing, I will  show and guide you how to solve and fixing error in joomla 3 where is the 'big problem' appear when making installation database in joomla version 3.7.4, it usually happen in installation process, many user who using joomla 3.7.xx  version will face this problem espesially in database part at the last step.

Finally im got best way which is how to solve and fix this problem, very easy and usefull for me. Will share what i'm know for you and also as my references for future. Hence, please follow the instruction that i'm write here completely with the attachment for simplify you to understand.
Generally, after extract the into folder in xampp/htdocs, user must open the browser and run the next step to complete the installation process, for the example : localhost/namefolder . You will see this page if dont have problem (see the picture 1A below).